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John A. Bergström is credited as conducting the first study regarding interference in 1892. His experiment was similar to the Stroop task and required subjects to sort two decks of card with words into two piles. When the location was changed for the second pile, sorting was slower, demonstrating that the first set of sorting rules interfered with learning the new set. [2] German psychologists continued in the field with Georg Elias Müller and Pilzecker in 1900 studying retroactive interference. To the confusion of Americans at a later date, Müller used "associative Hemmung" (inhibition) as a blanket term for retroactive and proactive inhibition. [2]

These are neural connections that generate the opposite pattern of electrical impulses as the neurons creating the actual memory. This doesn't impact the memory itself -- that is, the physical connection between neurons -- but rather it mutes the electrical activity that that connection generates. If it didn't, memories could potentially trigger one another, resulting in a schizophrenic-like mental state.

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